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Kamaboko is atraditional Japanese food with more than 900 years of history. We, Marubun,
produce this long-standing "taste of nature" only with thoroughly selected Ingredients and
without using MSG. We collect diverse surimi from all over the world and our skilled artisans
continually produce our delicious Fried Kamaboko 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Tatsuhiro Sato, CEO, Marubun, inc.

Corporate Data

Corporate Name Marubun, Inc.
Founded May, 1969
President and CEO Tatsuhiro Sato
Address 3-16-15, Shinhama-machi, Miyagi 985-0001, Japan
Tel +81-22-365-3125
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The series same as old days/Basic, long time seller series

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The product "Okonomi-age" which high quality fish meat is wrapped by fresh 4 kinds of vegetables, it is not entirely include chemical seasonings.
The Satsuma-age/deep fried fish paste in basic, long seller series is made by mixing with fresh fishmeat of herring, horse mackerel, cod and drum fish etc and aims to make the original simple good taste.
Similarly, the product “ Yasai-ten /deep fried battered vegetables same as old days was made by the mixing with fishmeat such as cod, horse mackerel and drum fish etc with the domestic vegetables. The product is not entirely including chemical seasoning.
These products are the long time seller product which continued being loved for long time by all of you, customers.

My home series/eating with relax at my home

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These home series are same ingredients/raw materials with other series , "Okonomi-age" "Mukashino-mamano Satsuma-age" and "Mukashino-mamano Yasai-ten".
The home series are set of reasonable products with keeping low price, compact size/not big volume, but maintain the good taste.
So, we recommend you these of home series, in case much volume for eating with "Mukashino-mama series, same as old days."

Kneading Teachniques

Zero use of whole egg or egg white
Unique technique of "blending 5-8 kinds of surimi"
Zero use of MSG, synthetic colorants or preservatives

By blending 5-8 kinds of surimi with unique know-how and without the use of MSG, "the original tastiness of fish" is brought forth.
It is an ideal food product for those who seek an allergy-friendly food without the use of eggs or additives.

The our feelings of vegetables processing

Our vegetables which use in raw materials are changing its source every season and is using the vegetables which is best taste with fresh materials for the season.

All vegetables which we use in our products, made in domestic, Japanese vegetables.
Also, In the processing, we do not put the pressure to the vegetables, having much water such as Cabbage, onion etc and mixing them softly with fish meat of the smooth paste. It is adding the our ideas with not to spoil original vegetables texture.